Association of Social Workers of the Czech Republic

Social work as a profession was established in former Czechoslovakia in the early 1920s. The first high school for social workers was founded in Prague in 1918, and the first graduates started their practice in 1920. The Association of Social Workers in Czechoslovakia was established in 1921. Due to the World War II, the Association had to cease its activities, but it was renewed after the war ended. In 1950, however, the Association was forced to stop its activities once again, this time for long 18 years. From 1968 till 1970, the Association was an independent organization. Afterwards, the social workers joint the Association of Nurses, which was a branch of the Purkyně´s Association of Doctors. Social workers were having their own section within it until the political changes of 1989-1990 period. On June 2, 1990, a constitutive meeting of the Association of Social Workers was held, the executive board was elected and all the members of previous section were registered . Today Association of Social Workers in the Czech Republic is a civic corporation with 360 members from all over the country. Working for the Association is a voluntary aktivity which helps to develop social work and to increase the acknowledgment of the profession of social work.